The Circular Economy Congress will enable us to put a new model that would spread from Europe to the rest of the world on our national agenda!

The Congress, supported by the national Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, will complement the work we have been carrying out for the past 26 years to develop a sustainable recovery system led by the industry, aiming the protection of the natural resources and contribution to our economy.

We organize the international Circular Economy Congress in Istanbul, to inform the public and to promote a discussion around the keystone of the model for the prevention of the waste of resources, proposed by the Circular Economy Package, which has been worked on by the European Commission for the last two years and which is currently been under negotiation. The Congress, which will take place on October 5-6, at Istanbul Cevahir Convention Center, and will host important guests both from Turkey and abroad. The topics of the sessions at the Congress are: “EU Circular Economy Package”, “New Plastics Economy”, “Significance of the Circular Economy in Combatting Climate Change”, “Financial Mechanisms for Transition to Circular Economy”, “Circular Economy from the Viewpoint of the Press”. The Congress will be stage to the "Green Dot Press Awards," which will be organized for the 6th time, to award media organizations that have prioritized news on environmental issues.

We will continue to introduce new models in our country, based on “recycling”, such as the circular economy model, which we believe will spread from Europe to other counties and to inform our stakeholders through international congresses and seminars.

Okyar Yayalar
Chairman of the Management Board, ÇEVKO Foundation